It’s official. With the crack of the tab of his can of Bud Light, John Lackey put to rest any notion of the Boston Red Sox, only 5.5 games back of a playoff spot with more than seven weeks of baseball remaining on the schedule, competing for the rest of the season. Or, at least this is what Joe Haggerty of Comcast Sportsnet New England would have us believe, after writing the following:

Lackey was so busted up after the latest defeat that he was strutting around the clubhouse with a can of Bud Light in each hand, or what is known as “double-fisting” on every college campus in the history of mankind.

For a guy that was at the epicenter of last year’s “chicken-and-beer” shenanigans – and somebody who isn’t expected to help out this year’s team in any way, shape or form – it was another clear case of some Sox players that just don’t care anymore.

Wait a minute. Isn’t Lackey injured? Didn’t he have Tommy John surgery last November?

There were others that just don’t seem to care about wins or losses anymore.

Like John Lackey, who apparently needs to travel with the team and work with trainer Mike Reinold while recovering from Tommy John surgery – a fairly standard rehab that literally thousands of pitchers have come back from stronger-than-ever over the last 30 years.

But for whatever reason, the underachieving righty needs to travel with the team even though he won’t be throwing even one measly pitch for them.


I understand that playing in Boston is different than playing elsewhere. I also understand that Lackey has a reputation for being something of a world class asshole. However, no one deserves to have his work ethic or his attitude questioned because he drank a beer after a game in which he didn’t take part, in which he couldn’t take part.

This is the nonsense of children who fall in love with baseball and its players. This is the stuff that I might get upset about when I was six. Actually, no. Even then I’d have enough sense to understand the context of what’s being presented here. In fact, when I was six years old, my favorite player burned his uniform in the locker room. He burned it until it was nothing but ash in the clubhouse. And even then, I didn’t think, “Oh, what a jerk. He’s given up on winning.” I thought, “He must not be happy with his situation on the team.”

Lackey had two drinks in the clubhouse. He’s not even playing for the team right now, and he had two beers.

I’ve written before about the Boston media playing up outrage simply for the sake of outrage, and this is the perfect example of an instance that no one would/should/could feel actual outrage over. However, because the opportunity exists to present it as outrageous, and therefore give the clamouring masses of lowest common denominator thinking an outlet for other real emotions that they’ve repressed.

There’s nothing genuine about any outrage felt over Lackey double-fisting after a loss. And there’s nothing genuine about Joe Haggerty writing about it. This whole kerfuffle is about as genuine as the taste of a Bud Light.

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  1. It’s been talked about before that Toronto sometimes struggles to attract top FAs because of their perceptions about the city, living in Canada or about the team.

    I’ve got to think that future FAs are seeing the bullshit that comes out of the Boston media and thinking “my god, I never want to play there”

  2. Another reason why the Red Sox franchise is a pretty big mess right now.

  3. Damaso Garcvia was your favorite player? He never had an OPS over .737

  4. “Like John Lackey, who apparently needs to travel with the team and work with trainer Mike Reinold while recovering from Tommy John surgery – a fairly standard rehab that literally thousands of pitchers have come back from stronger-than-ever over the last 30 years.”

    Tommy John surgery isn’t like getting a fucking wart removed. They do deep, invasive surgery on your elbow, drilling a hole through your fucking bone, slicing a ligament from your leg and re-attaching it to your elbow, leaving a giant, gaping, incredibly painful wound in the very arm that you’re expected to start making violent throwing motions with as soon as possible.

    But yeah, WHAT A FUCKING PUSSY, having to work with a “trainer”, just because the wittle baby had a boo-boo with his crybaby Tommy John surgery.

    • I guess Lackey is just so homogeneously unlikable that it’s easy to jump on the hate train. Why wouldn’t he take advantage of the trainers his team has lined up and will be working with in the future.

    • I think you are missing a bit of sarcasm in that paragaph…

  5. so its like toronto with hockey?

    if phil kessel had a beer the world would end

  6. Reading overblown stories like this, I can’t help but think of a certain floating head on a certain blog and what it represents.

  7. american bud light doesn’t even have enough alcohol content to deserve being called beer

  8. My God………… I can’t believe an adult male was drinking two beers after work!!!
    Only low-life scum would consider downing a brew after a day of working.

    We all know every bar is empty at 5pm

  9. I’m more interested in the burning jersey story…

    • Not a big one…Damaso Garcia, 2b for Jays, not happy burned jersey in stadium after a game. Traded shortly after. Spawned the term “fire sale”.

  10. I think we’re missing the most important aspect of this whole story. Lackey was drinking BUD LIGHT!!!!!! If you’re going to get shit on for drinking beer, it might as well be real beer. C’mon Lackey, grow a pair.

    Forgot the Garcia uni-burning fiasco from back in the day – here’s a piece written by Bob Elliott about it (and geez, the man hasn’t changed a bit):,6005041

  11. that Domo article was classic, the player and manager ripping each other in a way that will likley never happen in this day and age of agents and PR flacks.

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