It’s amazing what a gold medal can do for you: sponsorships, endorsement deals and totally getting back at your ex-fiance.

Sydney Leroux, the Canadian-born American soccer player who was previously engaged to Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie, won an Olympic gold medal yesterday as a member of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. This morning, Lawrie in a brief moment of contemplation before chugging eight Red Bulls and twelve litres of water, reflected back on his time with Leroux and then publicly posted his conclusion that he had made a big mistake.

Or, you know, this:

Oh, to be 22-years-old again: young, dumb and full of … well, being 22.

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  1. How does that look like a drunk tweet? Or anything that Brett Lawrie has EVER tweeted?

  2. el oh el

    I mean, she didn’t really do much to cover up, what with signing it with her damn initials and all.

  3. Classic Lawrie Troll by Parkes.

    • How is there even the slightest bit of “troll” to this?

      • Well, you mentioned “Brett Lawrie” without mentioning that your favourite weeknight activity is masturbating to photos of him diving into camera pits, and 2+2=4, so…

        Yeah, I got nothing. People just assume you’re trolling if you’re not fawning all over the guy.

  4. Wait, are you saying Leroux did this? Like she doesn’t have anything better to do right now.

  5. Just for the record, I’d like to say how pleased I am with GB and DJF taking full advantage of embedded tweets.

    So much better than screenshots.

  6. Was obvious it wasn’t him. It was written in decipherable English.


  8. Wait, wasn’t it Leroux that ended the engagement with Lawrie.. not the other way around. And I wonder if Leroux has now started to pronounce his name as Lowry, seeing as she is American and all now.

  9. Okay someone hacking his Twitter account or someone he knows having his password is a result of him being dumb? If this was his current gf, then perhaps it is her who is the one lacking intelligence/better judgement in this instance?

    ….and who really cares?

  10. Guysssssss so much hating on 22 year olds! We are not all dramatic, RB-swilling early engagers.

  11. Hella know that feel, bro.

  12. his password is blue jays

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