The New York Yankees signed 39-year-old pitcher Derek Lowe today, less than three days after he was released by the Cleveland Indians. The right-handed ground ball inducing machine, who has pix picis ab contacto tattooed in radioactive ink on his actual heart (not merely over it), is expected to pitch out of the bullpen.

It might seem strange to envision Derek Lowe trotting out of the bullpen, but let’s not forget that before becoming an excellent starter, Lowe was an incredibly effective reliever for the Boston Red Sox from 1997 to 2001. He has made 278 career relief appearances, and led the American League is saves in 2000. He is one of just three pitchers in Major League Baseball history to attain both 160 career wins and 80 career saves.

Lowe is the perfect example of one of the many benefits of being the New York Yankees: a veteran pitcher whose value is limited is willing to take a diminished role in New York that he wouldn’t even consider taking on another less prestigious team.