Just as it is easy to forget that Giancarlo Stanton is very young, it is easy to forget that the big man is quite a tidy little right fielder (+8 UZR/150 and +24 DRS in nearly 2800 career innings in RF.) Here he robs extra bases from Eric Kratz of the Phillies, going over his shoulder to make a fine running grab.

You could argue that the route Stanton took was less than optimal. I could just as easily argue that you hate fun and still angry at your cold, indifferent father. Then you would argue that not everything Giancarlo Stanton does is worth a Getting Blanked post. Then I’d argue that…what are you, my mother?

How I choose to spend my every waking moment is my business, pal. My interest in the progress of Stanton’s career is between me, Stanton’s legal representation, and the Miami Dade County Sheriff’s Office. Stupid Patriot Act for fascist jerks…

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  1. Drew – make AA trade for him. C’mon. Call him..

  2. Drew, has Stanton filled that Rocco Baldelli-sized hole in your heart?

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