According to Drew Davidson of the Star-Telegram in Fort Worth, Texas, catcher Yorvit Torrealba is on his way to the Toronto Blue Jays. Torrealba was released by the Texas Rangers last week after their deadline acquisition of former Chicago Cubs catcher Geovani Soto.

Torrealba’s offensive contribution at the age of 34 has been fairly non-existent. While many teams could live with a catcher who gets on base only 30% of the time, his declining slugging numbers make him little more than an emergency back up. With J.P. Arencibia on the Disabled List and prospect Travis d’Arnaud also injured, Torrealba is expected to spell relief for Jeff Mathis behind the plate for the Blue Jays.

With regular third baseman Brett Lawrie on the Disabled List ¬†as well, this would allow current back up catcher Yan Gomes to play more innings at the hot corner, translating into the rotting corpse of Omar Vizquel’s playing career getting one step closer to resting in peace.

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  1. Pretty harsh comment for poor old Omar. :-)

  2. Harsh on the Omar.


  3. I was kind of expecting this when I saw he was DFA’d last week. The Jays needed another catcher to get through this season.

    • Plus Yorvit had a 2.4 War in 2010 so maybe he can bring some of that with him. Not bad for a backup catcher.

  4. Sometimes the truth can be harsh.

  5. ’bout time, shoulda done somethin’ when JP went down, Gomes simply ain’t a ML catcher, especially not with a struggling young staff – and you know, much as I think Omar is a good guy, he really is well past prime time, (.489 OPS?!) we shoulda kept Valbuena out of camp and cut Omar then.

    • If you’ve seen the games, you’d notice that Omar has actually been swinging well (for a benchwarmer), just some real bad luck, hitting it right at guys. Also, he may not have an arm anymore, but the D is still there, so whatever. What more do you want from a bench player. As for Gomes, there was evidence

  6. Thanks alot Parkes. Now Omar definitely won’t be wearing his Jays hat when he goes into the HOF. All your fault!

  7. How about Ivan Rodriguez????

  8. Yorvit, Yunel, Yan. New record for Y dudes on one team. Shoulda signed Yu at all costs!

  9. Finally, the splash from AA that we’ve all been waiting for.

    Torrealba + Mathis = PLAYOFFS!!!!

  10. Can’t wait for the athletic comments from Buck & Tabs. Where did I leave that time machine?

  11. What exactly is your issue with Vizquel? Who is this mythical creature toiling away in Vegas who would be saving the Jays if not for evil Omar selfishly taking his spot? Exactly which display of defensive butchery ticked you off? Do you have a fever, one whose only prescription is more Mike fucking McCoy?

    If you had ever named even one decent alternative to Vizquel, perhaps I could take your constant shitting on him seriously…but since you haven’t, I guess we can just file this under “typical hipster douchebag behaviour” – pick something that most people have a general positive appreciation for, and find a reason (however flimsy) to shit on it, and try to avoid hurting yourself while you pat yourself on the back over and over…

    there are many insightful things you have posted here, but crap like the Vizquel shots drags the overall quality on this site down tremendously…but you got someone to get riled up enough to fire backj, so I’m sure you consider this a job well done…

    • You don’t laugh much on a daily basis do you?

    • Agreed. I’m pretty sure Omar goes to the HOF. They put guys in there for more than BA & HR’s. He does have approximately 1 gazillion gold gloves and has been in the league since the game was invented. I imagine that’s worth something.

    • 1/10 Bad trolling

    • I don’t have any issue with Vizquel whatsoever. In fact, I’ve barely written about him. I’ve given Vizquel the exact same amount of attention he’s deserved, which is next to none. And yeah, sure, I’d rather have McCoy, who supplies more value and at more positions, than Vizquel. If you’re looking for a list of decent alternatives, take Vizquel’s salary for the year, and then comb through ever middle infielder utility type that was signed for less and is providing even the smallest fraction of above replacement level production this season in offense or defense.

      • Well done, first you deny that you have any issues with him and then you outline the issues. Way to contradict yourself.

  12. guys…parkes is doing his normal rabble rousing, this time with Omar. Ignore him and he goes away

  13. No need for those kind of remarks on Omar, Dustin- just for the sake of sounding ‘insightful’. Instead you sounded hateful, and petty.
    Shame on you.

  14. That comment on Omar was simply unnecessary. He’s not a cancer to the team. Why you must write stuff like that is simply beyond me.

  15. Any comment deriding Omar Vizquel is incredibly asinine. The man is a legend, a guaranteed Hall of Famer. He made up half of the best DP combo in history with Alomar (whom he has more hits than). He can do no wrong in my eyes. He brings experience, leadership and other invaluable intangibles to this young Jays team. His defense is superb, despite his age. Lawrie, Hechavarria and Escobar are lucky to have him there as they can learn from him. Sure, he can’t hit anymore, but neither could Johnny Mac when he was here and I’m sure you didn’t rip him about it.

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