In the film industry they call this the “sizzle reel”, putting all the best clips from the movie into one hot hot trailer. You would have a hard time finding anything more “ump show” than shouting “BOOM” right before running a manager for arguing. What a treat for all the fans, they get to watch Tim Tschida Do. His. Thing. All the fans who filled PNC Park yesterday to watch the umpires got their money’s worth, this much I know.

Adding context, such as the key detail that the man being ejected here is pleading the case of a guy just tossed for voicing his strike zone displeasure from the dugout, is just piling on. Nobody needs to know that stuff, just watch Big Tim drop bombs like BOOM!

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  1. “Well, *I* came to watch the umpires.”

    - umpire groupies

  2. “When I grow up I’m gonna be a famous umpire and everyone’s gonna love me and adore me and want to be me!…”

  3. “Boom, see yea”. When I was watching the highlights of this game last night I thought this was the best thing ever. I still do. Suck it Donny Baseball

  4. i would love to see an ump tweak their elbow on a move like this

  5. What a wind-up! What a “Boom”!


  6. Incredible GIF. What a performance by Tschida.

  7. Who would have thought The Naked Gun was an educational video at ump school? RIP Leslie Neilson.

  8. He has good form for Shot Put. He would have got at least a bronze in London.

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