We’re just gonna let the graphics interchange format images do the talking today…

MOAR GIFs after the jump!

Sergio Romo Frisbee of the week

Wilton Lopez flashes the polyester

Nice try nope of the week

Prancing Curtis Granderson of the week

Little Leaguer of the week

Bounce pass of the week

A momentary lapse of Cliff Lee

Andruw don’t care of the week

Exception of the week

I usually run with a clip from an exceptionally bad 80s film or television show in this spot, but we’re switching it up this week. Why? Well, because there’s this…

Credits: Wilton Lopez hat grab via @KevinBassStache; Prancing Curtis Granderson via @THEChrisLund; Romo’s Frisbee via @KingAlfie11; Double kick to his own face via “Screamin’” Drew Fairservice

Comments (7)

  1. That Andruw Jones clip confuses me…whu huppan?

  2. As I opened this post my iTunes bestowed upon me the theme to “The Last Waltz”. It made all these GIFs 1000000x better. I highly recommend this viewing/listening experience.

  3. last gif – guy kicking himself in the face is #1

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