What does it mean when we talk about cheating? Is it us, the ironically-detached blogger types who are missing the boat when it comes to performance enhancing drugs? Not like we’re going to admit we might be wrong but at least we pay some lip service.

Speaking of lip service, there are very few people in the world who provide a greater service with the lips than Mr. Carson Cistulli of Notgraphs and the Fangraphs Audio podcast, who joins me to talk about this and all things baseball-ish. Strong “ish” on that, FYI.

…or download the mp3 directly right here.

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Image courtesy of the Daily Mail, which I don’t feel good about linking to but don’t feel bad about stealing from. It cuts both ways, you know?

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  1. When slap hitting middle infielders and fringe relievers get caught, no one bats an eyelash. But when a major contributor to a playoff contender gets caught, all hell breaks lose.

  2. I’m a big fan of the podcasts, but…this show sucked up to the parting shots. Your parting shots kinda saved the show from being a shit show.

  3. You guys could really use someone on your podcast who didn’t just engage in your ridiculous group think on PEDs so that they can take apart the absurd strawmen that you construct.

    It’s impossible to address all of the nonsensical comments you made in a blog comment section because you made so many, but I have to bring up a few of the more extreme ones.

    1) It’s arbitrary what good and bad performance enhancers are.

    >>>You almost admit that there are some PEDs that can enhance performance but you offer no solution for deciding what should be in MLB’s banned substance list.

    Here’s a suggestion: maybe you could appoint an independent board of experts to come up with a list of substances with no accepted medical uses or which could cause performance enhancement. Then you could appoint an independent program administrator, agreed upon by MLB and the players’ union, to test for these substances throughout the season, before sending the samples to an independent specialised laboratory for examination.

    Better yet, why not just cooperate with WADA , which has an even more extensive list of banned substances, so that it is much harder to evade detection, to ensure that you have access to the most recent testing developments (such as better methods to detect HGH) and so that samples are kept and continually tested so that it is much easier to stay ahead of the drugs designed to evade detection by the current system.

    2) Why does it cause such outrage.?

    We know that PEDs can cause performance improvements. We know that people continually make new and better drugs. If you don’t regulate it in some way, then it will be whoever takes the best drugs who will become the best players. Then it just becomes a contest of who is prepared to take the most recent drugs. People generally don’t want to see who the best drug manufacturer is (maybe Breaking Bad proves otherwise :)). This obviously has massive health implications and rewards whoever is prepared to take the greatest risk.

    3) “If any of us had opportunities to take something to make life changing money…” Parkes interrupts, but the implication is that you would be stupid not to do it and it wouldn’t be a moral issue.

    >>>Yes, you are way out of touch of most people’s morals. You have plenty of opportunities to cheat in your line of work. Plagiarism and making up quotations are two of the most prominent. You would have a certain probability of being caught and you would probably be fired if caught. Most people would disapprove of your actions on a moral basis. Morality is an entirely human construct and so the majority opinion essentially decides what is moral.

    • Nohd nailed it!

      Earth to Getting Blanked! PEDs enhance performance!

      Bonds and McGwire are great players that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame but they never would have hit 70HR+ without synthetic testosterone injections through the eyeballs daily. Increased bat speed improves hitting. I challenge you guys to go the batting cage and prove me wrong. Melky cheated and that’s why he’s suspended. Sure, the regulatory lines are in fact arbitrary but they have to be there.

      I like the show but we don’t see eye to eye on this one.

    • I don’t really disagree with much you’ve said here, other than your assertion that we didn’t openly acknowledge many of the points on the podcast. Oh and “You have plenty of opportunities to cheat in your line of work. Plagiarism and making up quotations are two of the most prominent.” as if the opportunities are even in the same universe as those available to a major league player is laughable.

  4. Really enjoyed this one, fellas. Mostly because of the Vesta Lunch shout out.

  5. The problem that I have with the PED issue is that we don’t know how many players are actually using right now. Melky gets the bad rap, the suspension because he got caught but what about all the other players who are getting away with it currently?

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