As is the custom whenever Giancarlo Stanton goes deep, the internet pretty much blew up last night after Stanton launched this bomb at Coors Field. Stanton hitting ridiculous nine-irons into the thin mountain air is nothing new, as this bomb is the Marlins slugger’s fifth in five games in Denver. Each one more impressive than the last!

Stanton sent this above homer an estimated 494 feet into orbit aka dead center field, making a mockery of Josh Roenicke’s center-cut spinning slider. The video of the savage attack on baseballs shown above is spectacular, with the Rockies Root Sports broadcast team stealing the show around the 1:00 mark.


Thin air and meager opposition are provided in spades by Colorado, making Stanton a seemingly unstoppable force when he enters the Rocky Mountain State. Dave Szymborski of Baseball Think Factory suggested a permanent move to Coors Field by Stanton might result in some eye-popping numbers in an ESPN Insider piece earlier this year. His ZiPS projection system suggests that, were he to play his home games at Coors Field, a Hall of Fame career might be in the offing for Stanton. ZiPS spits out 606 career home runs for Stanton the Rockie, compared to 482 if the bulk of his career is spent in cavernous/humid Miami.

The hit chart of Stanton’s balls in play at Coors is really…something else. The generic ballpark template ESPN Stats & Info uses can barely contain the totality of Stanton’s greatness. has a sweet montage of all the bombs represented below.

Courtesy of ESPN Stats & Info

There aren’t many players who bring more excitement to the plate than Giancarlo Stanton. Just the noise the Colorado crowd makes when he made contact with his bomb last night is testament to his Must-See TV status. As lucky as Rockies fans have been to see the Stanton Show the last two years, I’m sure the Rockies players are ready for their season set with the Fish to wrap in a hurry.