When the Giants acquired Hunter Pence at the trade deadline, much fun was had with his appearance. While obviously a virile young professional athlete, there is something vaguely bug-like about Pence. Giants fans, as is their wont, flooded a chat with GM Brian Sabean with jokes about their new right fielder.

Cheap as these jokes may be, when Hunter Pence looks like…Hunter Pence looks, the jokes pretty much write themselves. Behold Pence’s tribute to the great field of entomology in full facial form. You can’t tell me Pence doesn’t extend his tongue as an auxiliary sensory device to aid his pursuit of the baseball. I won’t believe you for a second.

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  1. everything about pence is weird. the way he throws, the way he swings the bat, the fact that he is somehow *good* at baseball despite looking like my niece swinging at a teeball.

  2. I think it was cool that at the end of Alien vs. Predator he respected that woman for her ability to fight off the Aliens and survive.

  3. Looks like he forgot to take off the medical bracelet from when his morphology was being examined by the CIA in Area 51.

  4. He looks exactly like my current housemate

  5. I can tolerate Parkes’ new found affection for the Giants, and tolerate bypassing all of his forced articles on said team, but come on Drew try and find your own thing.

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