This is imagined immigration authority and ESPN/MLB Internationals commentator Rick Sutcliffe offering his opinion that Melky Cabrera should be deported for using testosterone.

Never mind the fact that the San Francisco Giants outfielder has not been convicted of a crime. Never mind the fact that there are several legal uses of testosterone outside the rules of Major League Baseball. Never mind the fact that Sutcliffe is completely ignorant as to the specifics of Cabrera working and living in the United States as someone who was born in the Dominican Republic. Rick Sutcliffe believes that Cabrera’s admitted intake of testosterone is enough evidence to justify his removal from the country.

First of all this guy is over here in the United States on a working visa and he broke the law, what’s he still doing here Forget the 50 game suspension from baseball, why is he still here? That visa should be taken away and he should not be allowed to play over here again or work here again.

It’s funny that Sutcliffe would suggest such severity in terms of punishment considering that he once showed up in the broadcast booth for a San Diego Padres broadcast completely shit-faced. Before his microphone was cut, Sutcliffe’s booze soaked words slurred on about fellow broadcaster Matt Vasgersian.

Matty, what are you still doing here in San Diego? No, no, no, Matty — everybody on Earth has been trying to steal you — the Dodgers, the Cubs, ESPN. What are you still doing here?

Perhaps Sutcliffe remembers his apology for not being  ”in optimum condition to go on live television;” or maybe he’ll recall his explanation of a “lapse in judgment” before calling for someone to be kicked out of the country. I suppose the power of the obnoxious sound byte overcomes anything approaching contrition in the life of Sutcliffe. Too bad we can’t banish him from the broadcast booth.