My father said he saw him years later playing under a madeup name in some 10th rate league in North Carolina. He said he had put on 50 pounds and the spring was gone from his step, but he could still hit. Dad used to say nobody could hit like Shoeless Joe.

-Ray Kinsella, Field of Dreams

At the age of 50, Roger Clemens is heavier and it appears as though the spring in his step has been weighed down not only by that additional weight, but also by the five years of life he’s experienced since he retired from baseball. On Saturday, he will pitch in a professional baseball game for the Sugar Land Skeeters, of the independent Atlantic League. Above, we see his first mound session for his new team.

So, how did this all come about? According to Michael Kirk, the Skeeters director of baseball operations:

Gary Gaetti [the team's manager], he’s known Roger a long time. They are very friendly. They had exchanged text messages for months. Then about a month and half ago, it started to get more serious. Two or three weeks ago, [Clemens' agent] Randy Hendricks got in the mix, then I started thinking this isn’t just two friends talking. We started ramping up a little bit. He threw for us today and we liked what we saw.

What the team saw was an 87-88 miles per hour fastball, a slider and a splitter. It was a repertoire also spotted by former Houston Astros President Tal Smith:

Surprisingly good. I guess I didn’t really have any doubts knowing his work ethic. He’s in incredible shape. He threw to hitters and then threw to hitters under game conditions. He threw very well. His mechanics are great.

However the most important witness to the whole proceedings was an actual current scout for the Houston Astros. As Baseball America points out, most players playing in the Atlantic League, including Clemens’ new teammates Scott Kazmir, Jason Lane and Tim Redding, are hoping to sign on with an affiliated club at some point. However, it’s unlikely that Clemens would hope to “parlay his time in Sugar Land into a shot at getting back to the majors.”

A second start has not yet been scheduled. And the team’s president Matt O’Brien admits that the contract he’s discussed with Clemens is of the day-to-day variety, and may not even extend to a second start.

And The Rest

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  1. MLBTR points out that, if Clemens somehow turned this into a major-league comeback, it would effectively reset his clock with the Hall of Fame. He’s up for election this winter, but if he made just one start for the Astros, he wouldn’t be on the ballot for another five years.

    Do you think this is a ploy to duck the HOF voting this year, in hopes that the voters will be more forgiving five years down the road? I respect his competitive spirit but I can’t help but wonder if there’s something else behind this…

    • I can’t imagine any MLB club participating in an obvious stunt like that, not even the Astros. They’ve got some adult supervision over there now.

    • I can’t see teams agreeing to that sort of thing either. All that integrity of the game nonsense would stand in the way.

    • I could see the Astros doing that. They need some asses in the seats down there. For one start in September, even one inning, it would be worth it. And for Clemens, it does set the Hall of Fame clock back by 5 years, so it would give more people the chance to think about it.

      • If any team was going to do it, it would be Houston. From a risk-reward perspective, they certainly don’t have anything to lose, and they’d be sure to boost their attendance (if only for one game). Why else would they send their scouting director to watch his workout if they weren’t at least considering the possibility?

        Guess we’ll have to see how his Sugar Land start turns out, and see what happens from there.

        • I believe the Astros major league payroll is down to about $22MM now so it’s not like they’re desperate for cash. An extra five years is not going to rehabilitate Clemens’s image anyway so why bother? He should be a first ballot HOFer but from the writers perspective he used PEDs (bad), was a preening asshole (worse) and a meany (the worstest of all!)

  2. They must not drug test in the Atlantic League

    • Roger Clemons was proven not guilty on three counts of making false statements,and two counts of perjury from testimony he made to Congress that he’d never taken PED’s. So unless you have some evidence proving the contrary, stop perpetuating that ridiculous narrative.

      • He wasn’t proven not guilty. They failed to prove that he was guilty. Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat.
        While you translate that latin I’ll translate your post:
        Leave Roger Alone!!!!!!

      • Elmi, Please defend me to the Hall of Fame.

        And my buddies Mark & Sammy also

  3. Bio-Rocket Roger.

  4. I hate Roger Clemens the baseball player with every fibre of my being, but would be impressed by a drug-free return at age 50.

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