According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Bartolo Colon faces a 50-game suspension for failing an MLB drug test by testing positive for testosterone.

Colon missed all of 2000, but bounced back last season with the New York Yankees after receiving a controversial stem-cell treatment on his arm that is typically coupled with the use of human growth hormone. The right-handed pitcher denied that he underwent that aspect of the treatment at the time, and this past off season he doubled his salary from the previous year, and signed a $2 million deal with Oakland.

This season, Colon has made 24 starts with the A’s, and ranks as the team’s second best starter according to fWAR. It’s a blow for the Athletics who surprisingly find themselves in playoff contention, currently a half game back of a Wild Card spot. However, Brett Anderson’s recent return from injury and Dan Straily’s effectiveness should mitigate some of the loss from Colon’s departure.

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  1. Its all becoming clear now.

  2. God fucking damnit!

    Just stop! Stop providing ammo for the lunatic “improved performance always = drugs” crowd.

  3. The Frog King gets busted! Is there a connection between testosterone and eating flies? If so, he should get a free pass!

    • Agreed. It’s really unfair to call Hideki Irabu a “fat toad” with this guy around.

  4. What a coincidence that so many players having outlier performances have wound up testing positive for enhanced synthetic testorterone! I guess they must be taking it in anticipation of the strenuous celebrations they’re going to be doing after getting so much better, because of course there’s no proven link between performance enhancing drugs and enhanced performance.

  5. Are we dealing with a new test?! I mean, really, has MLB gotten a smarter test? For real?

  6. …waiting on the “fake website” article to follow

  7. Grounds for deportation, right?

  8. Enh. I just want the MLB to unshackle Princess Leia from his podium.

  9. He’s should have been fined and suspended long ago… for being the ugliest man in baseball.

  10. The curse of my A.L. only fantasy team continues…14 players currently on the DL – 8 for the season, 2 traded to NL , multiple demotions, now a drug suspension. Matt Weiters and Jim Johnson are only two players left from beginning not to miss a ton of time….Sorry Oriole fans, they are next….

  11. So there’s a seeming “epidemic” of positive tests for performance enhancing drugs… in the Bay Area… almost like there was some kind of Laboratory Co-Operative there supplying them. Ah well. I guess this is kind of news.

  12. Yeah…starting to think that Conte was right when he said that many players are using synthetic testosterone now. I figured they had moved on to something else in recent years, something that could more easily get by the tests. It’s becoming more clear that they have.

  13. It’s nice how they wait till the thick of the pennant race to do these suspensions.

  14. Unlike David Cooper, MLB is able to tag… players with a 50-game suspension.

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