There is a good line in a movie I saw once, wherein an Oscar-winning actor declares “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.” While the character stating this economic truth is a homicidal maniac, the point stands.

The Seattle Mariners are not homicidal maniacs, nor do they share the Joker’s keen understanding of supply and demand. The Mariners celebrated the recent perfect game of Felix Hernandez last night, turning their usual “King’s Court” collection of diehards loose on the entire stadium. The SUPREME COURT saw the Mariners give away 34000 t-shirts emblazoned with the now-famous image of their franchise cornerstone’s iconic celebration.

The Mariners created a joyous atmosphere at Safeco Field, somehow convincing nearly 40000 fans to trek down to the park on Tuesday night to watch the Mariners host the Cleveland Indians. Impressive, right? Not exactly. They Mariners blew it on multiple levels.

Sure, they celebrated their best homegrown player since Ken Griffey Junior for his incredible feat and created an experience very few will ever forget. But look at the shirts they gave away. Notice anything missing?

Not a single corporate logo anywhere! Which means the M’s paid for 34000 t-shirts (a total they landed on because of Felix’s jersey number) OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET! What’s worse? The Mariners lowered ticket prices for Tuesday night’s game? WHAT THE WHAT?

From the Seattle PI earlier this week:

Seats in the lower bowl will start from $30, while view-level seats can be purchased for as low as $10, according to a team press release

Totally. Blowing it. The Mariners also gave away the gigantic K cards, which feature a photo of Felix from the perfect game, to all in attendance. STOP DRILLING, SEATTLE. YOU HIT OIL.

I can only say the the corporate beancounters at Nintendo must be pretty peeved off with all the wild expenditures for this once-in-a-franchise-history event. Just because the franchise talisman threw a perfect game in front of the home fans while his team improbably streaked into the playoff conversation (nominally) doesn’t mean they need to throw caution to the wind and set money on fire, does it? They couldn’t even get Larry Bernandez to show up? Lame, Seattle. Lame.

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  1. Great post, maybe they just want the t-shirts to stay relevant after Larry is traded to a contender?

    Small quibble. There is a giant, raving douchebag of a homegrown player who started sometime in the 90s, and I think, in fairness, makes Felix the second best homegrown player on the M’s since Griffey.

  2. That is awesome. I can only hope I can one day experience something like this with the Jays. Preferably with Larry throwing a perfect game for the Jays.

  3. Why did they make the shirts in the throwback colours? Is a retro-rebranding on the horizon? It’s all the rage these days, send Creamer to investigate!

  4. Is it me or is there not a Mariners logo on the crown on that shirt? its small but I see it there.

  5. Absolutely love that park. We go down every year (from Victoria) when the Jays are in town, and the fans and the organization never fail to be welcoming and entertaining.

    A few years back we went down when the Jays were in for Canada Day and not only did they have Matt Stairs’ sister as one of the colour guard for the flags during the anthems, but they had a flyover by Canadian Air Force jets. Fantastic day.

  6. I get what you’re saying, but I’m not sure I’d call it ‘blowing it’ so much as ‘not getting as much out of it as you could’. It’s still a crap-load of good publicity and a crap-load of happy fans. You’d think Burger King would want to climb all over this crap, but hey maybe that kind of a deal would have taken a couple of weeks to organise – by which time you’ve missed the boat of post perfecto afterglow.

  7. The atmosphere in and around Safeco last night was incredible. Having been to (and managed to have fun at) countless poorly-attended, meaningless late-season M’s games, it was a thing of beauty to see the city show up en masse to pay fealty to the King. I even managed to keep my music snobbery in check when they had him stride across the field to “Yellow”. If Felix can redeem Coldplay, my god, maybe he can redeem us all.

  8. I was actually kinda annoyed by the Safeco staff when I went down for 2 games. I wanted to move up to the second level from the bleacher seats in the 5th inning because my 5 month old daughter was freaking out when the crowd cheered for various events, and the 2nd level (third base side, all the way down by the foul pole) was basically empty. The attendant lady called over a supervisor to ask permission, then he reluctantly finally let us go (after saying we could pay the difference of the ticket prices at the box office). On the way out he gave us a sarcastic “your welcome” when I walked by.

    Oh and the Jays lost too.

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