Do you remember the simpler times? Do you recall the good ol’ days, back before our innocence was lost and a generation was left to pick up the pieces of our shattered dreams? Of course, I’m referring to August 14, 2012, when we learned that several (SEVERAL!) Boston Red Sox players had issues with some of the things that their manager was doing, and dared to voice those concerns to ownership and management.

It was shocking and appalling news. But the shocking and appalling news has come at a price, or so it might seem.

The Red Sox fired pitching coach Bob McClure earlier this week. This has caused some people who are really, really good at jigsaw puzzles to note that Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, the man who broke the shocking and appalling news, used to cover the Kansas City Royals, and that McClure used to work for the Royals. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a full-fledged conspiracy theory!

Earlier today, WEEI Radio in Boston asked Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino if he believed McClure to be Passan’s anonymous source. According to the station, he replied:

There’s no way of knowing whether Bob McClure or whoever … of course, Bob McClure was not in that meeting. I’m well aware of the overlap in Kansas City. That’s not a surprise to me. That was called to my attention. But, again there’s no way of knowing so I’m not going to make any baseless acquisitions.

Baseless acquisitions? I believe you mean Bayless accusations, Mr. Lucchino.