Morons. This seems like an appropiate video to view after watching that:

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  1. You have to at least ask the question: why didn’t he just tag him?

  2. See: Damien Cox on Jose Bautista.

  3. Skip Bayless is such a nightmare.

  4. bayless: “you’d be remiss not to wonder”
    actually, mlb takes care of that. it doesn’t make sense for the public to worry about whether someone’s taking PEDs because we are millions of degrees removed from the athletes. their employer, on the other hand, tests them regularly and randomly. we should wonder if someone is using PEDs when they fail a test.

  5. Skip Bayless = Stupid Motherfucker



    I’m not sure which one of those dicks is more insufferable.

  7. Saw this on YouTube also. I didn’t mind Skip before, now I just believe he is a useless piece of crap.

    • Did you see when Mark Cuban ripped him a new one for being a terrible reporting, only using the narrative and making bold wide painting assumptions? Great stuff.

      • Being a terrible reporter*

      • Yeah that was brilliant. Was almost hard to watch as Cuban was just skewering him. Bayless is the worst kind of talking head – no statistics, no evidence, no tape, all volume.

  8. I didn’t know they let these shit heads talk about baseball

  9. Fucking terrible. I feel stupider for having watched these assholes.

  10. Skip exagerates everything but I think he has a point with Jeter. I’m not saying he’s on PEDs but it’s very rare to see an athlete do better as he ages. May not be impossible, but father time is a bitch. Baseball may be an exception because it’s a fat man’s sport where you can thrive as long as you have good hand-eye coordination. Couple more months and we can start focusing on real sports again.

  11. honestly, I can’t stand Skip (and now because of his dramatic response to Skip, A. Smith) but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting that people should wonder about Jeter’s improvements this year.

    Given the fact that it’s baseball, that’s it’s the year 2012, that (never mind the name Jeter for a second) we’re talking about a 38 year old, that this player has increased in speed and strength (his range factor has gone up .20 percent) his average for errors in the last 4 year = 8…his average for the previous 4 years = 15.

    For those math wizzes out there, that’s double! He’s gone down in errors twice as many in the last 4.

    At SS. If you know anything about baseball, you know that SS is a high profile position for a very good reason. You get a lot of balls hit your way. Meaning if his errors are going down and his range is going up, there’s reason to question.

    All i’m saying is that it is okay to wonder, and to throw in the possibility of drug use whenever considering a baseball player in the modern era.

    But man oh man does it hurt to agree with anything that idiot says.

  12. Skip Bayless is an idiot!!! Wow, he made himself sound so unbelievably dumb – “Lebron listened to what I had to say for 8 years, and this year to his credit this year he tuned everything out….” HAHAHAHA. Congrat’s LeBron for exercising your Skip Bayless demon. He was the one holding you back all this time!!! What an arrogant excuse for a sports expert

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