The Philadelphia Phillies decision to go ahead with their Hunter Pence Bobblehead giveaway was curious to say the least. After trading the outfielder to the San Francisco Giants on the non-waiver July 31st deadline, the team was left with a tough decision on whether or not to give out the figurine to the 44,000 in attendance.

After consulting with the sponsor, Liberty Mutual, and Pence himself, who had no problems with the decision, the Phillies went ahead with the promotion. What the fans didn’t know, is that is also came with a personal letter from the man himself, Hunter Pence.

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  1. do the wngs pop out once you get it out of the box? or is there just a removable exo-skeleton?

  2. See, it was extremely funny and original when the Giants fans came up with those jokes.

    You guys are making me hate that whole Hunter Pence looks like an Alien thing.

  3. Could bobbleheads look any less like the actual person? Is that by design or something? I’ve never seen a bobblehead where I would actually have known who it was except by their jersey. Usually their faces look like melted wax. I’ll never forget the Halladay bobblehead where he was in the right handed windup but had the ball in his left hand

  4. It should have come with S.F. Giant stickers that you could put on the bobblehead

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