Watch the veins pop out of WFAN’s Mike Francesa neck as he has a conniption over the New York Mets losing to the Colorado Rockies. Or don’t. That’s okay.

This is all entertaining and fun, but for the most part, I’m of the mind that someone who feels the need to yell like this is rarely “telling it like it is;” and much more likely to be “telling it like it means more than it actually does.”

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  1. I hear you Parkes, but cut Francesa some slack. Sure, you get a rant now and then, but he’s one of the best-informed radio guys (“tallest midget”?) out there. His weekly interviews with P Gammons are great – he knows and likes baseball, and not just NY baseball. Off topic, he also did a nice one-hour interview with Paterno apologist Joe Poz this week. Long way of saying that he’s no Skip Bayless. There’s some substance there.

    • Oh yeah, I wouldn’t lump him in with Bayless. I wouldn’t lump many in with that clown, but Francesa certainly has his moments. Remember this:

      • A wonderful moment. Since we are reminiscing… MF’s claiming Al-Al is fictional reminds me of Syd Thrift providing a detailed scouting report onn one Gary Dell’Abate. Better to admit you don’t know than it is to fake it.

        “Speaking of inept ownership, Orioles honcho Syd Thrift was being interviewed on a Balto radio station during the winter meetings a week or so ago and someone called up and asked about Orioles minor-league prospect Gary Dell’Abate. Thrift said Dell’Abate was coming along well but it was unclear when he’d make the majors. The caller then tripped the prank, telling Thrift that Dell’Abate is Howard Stern’s producer! This is sneaky, Spy Magazine gotcha pseudo-journalism, but it does a terrific job of exposing bullcrappers.”

        • I remember when someone called Norm Rumack on the FAN590 asking about Jays prospects Terry Bollea and Randy Poffo. Norm didn’t take the bait.

  2. What I don’t understand is why would someone tune in just to hear the same kind of angry over-reaction that you could hear from some random jackass in the local sports bar? Is this informative? Is this entertaining? And it’s not just this guy. It’s Jim Rome. It’s Rob Dibble. It’s practically every talking head on ESPN.

  3. Well, if I didn’t know Colorado’s record going into Monday, I certainly do now.

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