You can’t spell TGIF without GIF. Now excuse me while I go punch myself repeatedly in the dick for dropping a TGIF. It is GIF day here at Getting Blanked, and we lead this instalment with a single pitch that serves as a fairly accurate representation of Barry Zito’s career.

Due to increasing feedback from readers on some troubles their browsers have had loading 12 GIFs at a time, we’ll be making an effort to keep the number of images below ten. The exception stays in the picture, though. Giddy up!

Bryce Harper’s frustration of the week

Get that man a uniform of the week

Martin Prado celebrates like THIS

Why didn’t he just tag him?

Hunter Pence face of the week

Backswing of the week

Hip bump the worst best

Exception of the week or: cake eater of the week

Comments (10)

  1. MOAR GIF’s, please?

  2. Was that Sam Fuld nailing Cobb? That was FAN-TASTIC

  3. It can’t be said enough. Why didn’t he just tag him?

    • I’ve been taking holiday in Indo-China for the last fortnight. It appears I have missed some rather poor Blue Jays base-ball in the interim. But say now chaps, why didn’t he just apply a tag to that runner there?

  4. That Barry Zito pitch was magic. I could watch that all afternoon.

  5. Methinks the Hunter Pence face could technically qualify as an exception of the week.

  6. There goes Bryce Harper being the classy, plays the game the right way, level headed rookie god that he is. Nothing like that hot headed Canadian Brett Lawrie.

  7. Why the fuck was Gallagher so popular. That shit is baffling to me.

  8. Prado ALWAYS celebrates like that… ;D

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