Toronto Blue Jays 2012 first round draft pick Marcus Stroman was suspended for 50 games after testing positive for the stimulant Methylhexaneamine.

Before today’s news, it was believed that Stroman was in the mix for a September call up to the big club, a rarity for a player drafted in the same year. He dominated in seven relief appearances at Low-A for the Vancouver Canadians, but was having some trouble with his command since being promoted to Double-A New Hampshire.

According to reports on Twitter, Stroman claims that he unknowingly ingested the banned stimulant, which is found in several nutritional supplements and nasal sprays.

A suspension was also issued today for Josh Sale from the Tampa Bay Rays organization. The 2010 first round pick will miss 50 games, as the fourth player suspended from Class A Bowling Green for testing positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine.

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  1. Methylhexanmine is a nasal decongestant, as well as a treatment for hypertrophied tissues.

    • Yes, Steve, and it is also on the MLB’s list of banned stimulants. These guys know what they’re doing and if they’re getting caught, that’s the price to pay. I don’t think DMAA (the stimulant in question here) is ruining baseball or whatever, but don’t hurt your team by doing that shit.

      • Its often an unlabeled ingredient in dietary and nutritional supplements. I don’t think this was intentional. Look at all reports on the type of kid he is and the fact that his father is a cop.

        • That’s absurd.

          • uh, no, it’s not. it’s time people get off their high horse and actually talk about how many of these banned substances do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to “enhance” performance. it’s an overeaction by folks because of the steroid era and it’s time to start using common sense again.

        • Yeah, cops never do bad things.

  2. Better than him having to have TJ surgery right…..??

  3. Marcus Stroman issued a statement, per various reports on Twitter: “I unknowingly ingested a banned stimulant that was in an over-the-counter supplement.”

    Well, I guess that’s what you’ve gotta say, guilty or not

  4. If what the wikipedia page says is true (big salt chunk here), the drug is less powerful than ephedrine, which isn’t that uncommon of a drug.

  5. At least it wasn’t crystal meth!

  6. Seriously? We give players a 50 game suspension for this? I see the logic and all since any stimulant (caffeine included) would in theory improve concentration and energy levels during a game but MLB should draw the line somewhere that makes sense. If its available without a prescription and an ingredient in many run of the mill over the counter medications then its very likely that its going to unfairly punish players who had no idea they were taking a banned substance.

    And I completely take him at his word that he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. If you assume he knew he was taking a banned substance then why not go all out and use something more likely to improve performance like amphetamines if it carries with it the same penalty.

  7. I wonder if Lance Armstrong was involved somehow?

  8. You think a player could test positive for DMT?

  9. I remember people thought the Jays were going to take Josh Sale as their first round pick in the 2010 draft, instead they took Deck McGuire. Can you imagine if they had and they lost both 1st round picks in the same day.

  10. I can see the commercials….. Afrin – not just for colds anymore… Then a common guy comes on – “I used to throw like a girl but after using Afrin, I now throw a 95 MPH fastball”

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