Rather than let the fruit of our collective labour die an undignified death in the hinterlands of Youtube, here is yesterday’s edition of the Getting Blanked Show. We talk about the massive weekend deal and other, non-Joe Saunders related items. Better late than never? Not exactly. Just watch it anyway, today more than ever.

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Comments (7)

  1. Stop posting this so late!!!

  2. So Tuesdays must be plaid shirt day at the Score?

  3. Honestly guys, I could listen to you fellows talk baseball all day..

  4. It was a very successful Felix Navidad last night indeed. I’m trying to start Felix Navidad for Felix Hernandez pitching days by the way. And, remember when you guys mocked the Dodgers for signing the Haragutang, I do:
    “[Dodgers] try their hardest to become the most expensive replacement level team in the history of baseball”
    It was truly a much simpler time.

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