This pretty much sums up the San Francisco Giants in one single play. Something difficult is almost achieved before it appears to result in failure, only for the completely unexpected to rescue it to find success at the last moment. Also, it’s pretty enjoyable to watch Pablo Sandoval do just about anything.

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  1. But fuck the Giants

  2. If that was a donut, Sandoval would have caught it.

  3. i don’t get it. are they saying this is still an out? because clearly that ball hit the ground after bouncing out of his glove and before being caught again. its really just a bunch of theatre really.

    • It just looks like the ball bounced of the ground because the GIF is playing pretty fast. He sort of scooped it up into the air on his second stab at it. When he swiped it was still half a foot from the dirt.

  4. hahahahahahahahah, that is funny because the fan boy glasses you wear are telling you that Sandoval’s failed read and uncoordinated attempt at a foul ball that looks fairly routine but you call “something difficult” hhahahahaha, you’re right it is fun watching Pablo attempt something you would rip 29 other 3rd baseman over, hhhahhahahhaha, ooohh baby, I can’t breathe, you’re killing me,, seriously . . .. stitches, ahhhh, thanks man, . . . . good times!!!


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