This is full-sized man Mike Moustakas running full speed into Prince Fielder who…barely moves. Well, that isn’t entirely accurate. Prince eventually falls down, after Moustakas sort of grabs Fielder around the waist in a “half-assed rugby tackle, performed half-heartedly because he doesn’t really want to play rugby but his Scottish grandfather guilted me into it as only an old Scottish man can” sort of way.

Remember: Mike Moustakas’ official nickname is “Moose” and he ran FULL SPEED into Prince Fielder and he fell down!

Which is to say…Prince is huge and rugby is a cruel, barbaric enterprise which I enjoy immensely.

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  1. The sound on the Detroit broadcast part at the end… oof.

  2. Prince: total badass.

    Good to see them hug it out after the collision.

  3. Man, he’s really lucky that Prince didn’t fall on his head. Damn.

    That might be the hit of the year since the hockey season isn’t likely to happen.

  4. Greece has a shit Rugby side, anyhow.

  5. That was great. You can see the whiplash on Moustakas. Fielder should be a catcher, maybe guys would slide instead of barrel into of trying to knock the ball lose. .

  6. It’s like watching a jobber try and shoulder barge Andre the Giant or King Kong Bundy back in the day.

  7. I’d be surprised if mr. moose wasn’t feeling that today. Looks like he hit a wall!

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