It’s hardly a stretch to suggest that one of the reasons that the Baltimore Orioles have found such a large measure of unexpected success this season is because of the team’s bullpen. The most valuable member of the team’s relief corps is none other than closer Dirty Jim Johnson.

Earlier this afternoon, the Orioles defeated the Chicago White Sox by the score of 5-3. Putting an exclamation point on the victory that increases the team’s chances of Wild Card glory was Johnson, who closed the game out and earned his 41st save of the season in the process.

Last night, the Houston Astros were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs with their loss to the San Francisco Giants. On the season, the struggling Astros have forty victories. Apologies to everyone in existence, but this means that Dirty Jim Johnson has now saved more games than the Astros have actually won.

If the season ends with this contrast in tact, it won’t be the first time.