It’$ been a GIF-heavy week here at Getting Blanked, but that’$ not going to $top u$ from running our weekly recap. Plea$e be $ure to take the jump for more pageview$ GIFfy goodne$$.

We lead this instalment with an image of Houston Astros catcher Jason Castro and Fernando Abad colliding in what is probably just the third most defining play of the Astros’ season.

It takes two of the week

There must have been a second shooter

Derek Jeter don’t care

Near fatal collision of the week

Timmy hangs one

Yadier Molina gets drilled of the week

He’s a fucking catcher, that’s what catchers do of the week

Prince Fielder slides like only Prince Fielder can

GIF bomb of the week

Via Giants Extra

The exception of the week

Comments (7)

  1. As always…AWESOMENESS!!

  2. I do a looney tunes crash into the wall and can’t even make the GIFs of the week?

  3. The GIF bomb doesn’t show up on my computer – in either this post, the original post about it or the linked story…. Le Sad.

  4. Best part of the whole week.
    Also, I hadn’t seen the “he’s a f***ing catcher!”, that is beautiful.

  5. Man, I love these. Two crazy price fielder moments plus rod barajas telling people telling people how to fucking do things. I’d love to see him protect the plate with matt holiday or adam craig about to barrel through him.

  6. Honey Badger > Derek Jeter

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