How will you remember the 2012 Boston Red Sox? Will it be the incessant rumours of in-house fighting, the regression of several stars, the trade with the Dodgers, a plethora of injuries to key players, or will it be something else altogether? Until this weekend’s series with the Oakland Athletics, regardless of the outcome of today’s finale, I was prepared to remember this campaign as the Bobby Valentine era. Barring the emergence of 1986 Rogers Clemens to take the hill this afternoon and the resurrection of Ted Williams, the Red Sox could very well be outscored by 30 or more runs in this three game series. This is how I will remember.

Although they were roughed up 20-2 on Friday, last night’s 7-1 loss may actually stand as a more accurate season defining game. There was a heated exchange between Dustin Pedroia and the team’s unofficial symbol of fallibility, Alfredo Aceves. Before anything else, though, there was sloppy play in the field.

GIFs after the jump

Exhibit A: Pedro Ciriaco sails one to first

Exhibit B: Cody Ross can’t squeeze

Exhibit C: Alfredo Aceves calls off two teammates in foul territory; there is only one possible outcome

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  1. This is a beautiful thing. Fuck the red sox.

  2. Love the look on Saltalapimapetilon’s face. “I got it, I got it, I… he’s going to drop that.”

  3. Will we get to see a worse implosion of the Red Sox than we did last year?

    Being swept by Oakland can be expected. Losing by scores of 20-2, 7-2, and 6-2 by a team which has trouble scoring runs is an embarrassment. Losing one game by giving up 20 runs in a pitcher friendly park is ridiculous. If the Sox had started the season with the team they have currently they would probably be the worst team in baseball.

    One can hope that they will soon replace the Jays in the cellar.

  4. The 2012 Red Sox season is a wrap? Amarite?! You know, a wrap as in the season is over for them and Bobby Valentine apparently invented the wrap? Can I get a zwah?
    Sidebar: (I’m probably mot the first one to come up with that (what Valentine should have said about aforementioned wrap) joke)

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