It would be very easy to kill Dexter Fowler for taking a terrible route on this David Ross line drive. It is rare to see a professional outfielder take what amounts to a wrong turn in the field. Fowler expects this ball to zig but, lo, it zags.

The advanced metrics are not enamoured with Fowler’s work in center but this represents an extreme case, namely a twisting liner from which no man is spared. The ball hooked when Fowler anticipated a slice, as is normally the wont of liners to center field.

Line drives stung directly at a fielder are the toughest for most outfielders, let’s charitably count Fowler among their ranks and move on. The sooner this play is in his rearview mirror, the better.

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  1. holy toledo. that’s a nasty hook. no way you can fault that. looks BRUTAL. the only chance he could have had would be if he delayed moving towards the ball and then tried to haul ass in a sprint once the direction became more apparent. but that’s generally not the approach most dependable CF will take – usually making an early move and read of the ball to correct location will save you from laying out or drops or collisions, etc. ie the really good CF like Rasmus usually read early and correctly to location. No sure that would have been possible with this ugly shot.

  2. That hook is pretty awesome. It was going straight to almost dead center and then took an abrupt left turn. Makes me think of a cutter with late movement.

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