With no small measure of relief we are able to relay an update on the condition of Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy, who took a line drive off the side of his head during his Wednesday afternoon start against the Angels.


McCarthy will not join the A’s on their upcoming roadtrip, as one might assume. Not because he’s stats guy who interacts with pitch f/x gurus on his terrific twitter account but because he’s a guy who was injured at work, I hope Brandon McCarthy is okay. Are we one step closer to pitchers wearing some sort of padded hat/helmet onto the field? Probably not. Nobody deserves to die at work so here’ hoping.

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  1. Im not even sure that a helmet would even signifigantly help. Im thinking of that Cubs guy that got hit in his first ML at bat. One would assume that ball hit him with a lot less velocity then one off a bat, and he still was hurt.

    Scarily, I think these kind of events will just be dependent luck. You just cant take the danger out of a sport like baseball.

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