Today marked the first time Joey Votto appeared in a Major League Baseball game since July 15. The Cincinnati Reds first baseman will reportedly be eased back into the lineup as he works his left knee back to 100%. Votto singled in his first at-bat versus Roy Halladay and the Phillies on Wednesday afternoon, and drew a walk in his second plate appearance later the fourth inning. It was during the ensuing at-bat when Votto showed off a unique approach to sliding into second base following a Ryan Ludwick ground ball to shortstop.

Perhaps Votto spent his rehab assignment with a club in the Wednesday & Sunday Cincinnati softball league at Schmidt Fields, or maybe he didn’t want to risk taking a Chase Utley relay throw off the melon. Maybe, just maybe, he was attempting to break up the impending double play.

Whatever the case, we love Joey Votto and we’re happy to see him playing baseball again even if he thinks the bases are 60 feet apart.