It’s Friday night. Your chosen baseball squad is in also-ran mode, filling their lineup with never-was Quad-A roster fodder and potential free agents just hoping to make it to October unscathed. Your local stadium is a barren wasteland, bereft of joy and entertainment.

As an acknowledged baseball addict, you need an outlet. You need a release. You want a show but can’t bring yourself to watch the Yankees (East or West) because it just hurts too much. What is left?

Power and beauty remain, friends. Power and beauty take the mound tonight when the Tyler Skaggs leads his Arizona Diamondbacks against the San Diego Padres, the Friars celebrating the return of injured hurler Andrew Cashner. If you must watch one game tonight, make it this one. You will not be disappointed.

After spending much of the season overshadowed by his quirk-rich (but results-poor) teammate Trevor Bauer, Tyler Skaggs has become the D-Backs best pitching prospect — as well as a great pitcher to watch. Skaggs throws a nasty hook to compliment his low 90s fastball, mixing in a change as well.

The main attraction is the return of Cashner. Anytime you have a starter touching 99 mph and straight-up embarrassing hitters with a filthy slider, you must take note. The highlights from his spectacular start in June against the Astros are a sight to behold. Sure, Astros…but still!

Tonight’s start marks just the third of Cashner’s season, out since early July with a strained lat muscle. The Padres are understandably wary of Cashner’s health but letting him go at game speed this year seems like the right decision. If potential injuries are the concern, hiding him on the bench merely prolongs the inevitable.

Watch this game. Hope Andrew Cashner can stay healthy and Tyler Skaggs can hone in on the strike zone. Enjoy young pitchers getting their feet wet at the highest level. Maybe this is the first head-to-head battle among many for these two divisional foes. Maybe they can stave off the beasts of TINSTAAP and washout to become future All Stars. Or maybe they’ll miss a boatload of bats tonight, light up the radar gun and leave batters shaking their heads. Beats trying to figure out the Orioles, I always say.