I’m not going to bother you with many words here today, let’s cut straight to the GIFs. We lead with perhaps the most insufferable closer’s entrance of our time. Jose “the spectacle” Valverde, you guys.

MOAR GIFs after the jump…

The essential Alfredo Aceves GIF

Joey Votto is safe in 99.9% of co-ed softball leagues

Twist-off of the week

Johnny Mac wakes the angry panda

GIF via @BlueJayHunter

Cody Ross doesn’t even know what day it is

Human garbage of the week

Embed this on the tombstone of the 2012 Colorado Rockies

USF fan/”Fuck yeah” of the week

Via Craig K request, as seen on GIFULMINATION

Exception of the week

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  1. UHF is one of the greatest movies of all time.

    “You get to drink from the FIRE HOSE!!!!”

  2. Clearly, the Rockies have been jealous of the clever “OriLOLes” moniker and are making their case to be called the “CoLOLorado ROFLockies.”

    Sorry you don’t have a great mockery name Houston, there’s comically bad, and then there’s just bad.

    • True… I mean, you could go low-brow and call them the Ass-tros, but that requires about as much creativity as yelling from the 200s at the Dome, “Hey (insert name of anyone in the opposition bullpen here), YOU SUCK!”

      Maybe the AAAstros? The Travastros?

  3. Grown men who snatch out of play balls from little kids are among the worst things going at baseball games. Since I’m a grown-up and pulling down decent scratch, I can pretty much afford any piece of game-word memorabilia my black heart desires. That is why it’s meaningful for a kid to get their paws on a fairly worthless piece of ephemera and pathetic for an adult to scramble for same.

    • At the same time, he probably saved that girls life. That kid with the glove might have missed it and if he did that girl was getting smashed in the face with the ball. He should have given it to her though.

      • Never mind, just realized it was tossed by a player. In that case GUTLESS

        • Agreed. No adult, ever, should be at the front of the queue when a player is tossing a ball into the stands. That’s for the kids, and kids only. Should a player toss a ball several rows in and it happens to come to you and you catch it, you deliver that ball to the youngest kid near you, and know that your grand gesture of kindness in a cruel world grants you full kitty-punching rights for the evening.

  4. Man, Panda didn’t even shove his chest at Johnnie Mac, he puffed up his stomach.

  5. Oh my God that girl’s face!!! :(

    Also: I have never caught a foul ball at a baseball game and would love to do so (even though I am an adult and can easily afford to buy one, I don’t want the ball, I want the fun of having caught one). However, if I catch my first one and there’s a kid near me you bet that kid is getting it. I can wait.

    • My favourite face is on the guy in the hat sitting in the seat right to the left. He’s all laughing and smiling and as the guy turns to walk away you can just see his face go from “This is so fun!” to “Seriously douche bag?”

  6. Had a ball tossed to me in Boston this summer by Blue Jays coach Torey Luvollo at the end of the 15-7 Lester ass-kicking game. Promptly gave it to the kid next to me who couldn’t believe I would hand over such a treasure. Made his day, and mine.

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