The self-proclaimed most boring video on YouTube is a simple shot of a pylon in front of  a wooden door that lasts for four minutes and 56 seconds. It has been viewed 45,626 times since it was uploaded on October 28, 2008.

That’s almost 42 times as many views as the Houston Astros generated on average for FOX Sports Houston on Sunday afternoon during the team’s win over their division rival Cincinnati Reds. According to the Houston Chronicle’s sports media blog (a channel flip to the Chronicle’s Zachary Levine for the link), the baseball game on Sunday drew the lowest rating that has ever been measured for the Astros.

It generated – if that’s the word – a 0.05 rating, which means it was viewed by an average audience of 1,092 households. It only generated a measurable rating in four quarter-hour periods, and it was never viewed during any 15-minute period by more than 0.18 percent of the area’s 2.1 million TV households.

That means that viewership peaked at a paltry 3,780 viewers. To put that into context, individual episodes of The Getting Blanked Show have drawn higher viewership numbers than that from time to time.

Considering the transformation that the Houston Astros are undergoing, declines in attendance and television viewership were likely to be expected. However, the lack of interest in a team that’s probably going to perform even worse next season when it moves to the American League West can’t be encouraging. It’s no wonder ownership is making such an effort to retain the season ticket holders from this season.