Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips and Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Jared Hughes made up today following their altercation last night, from which Mr. Phillips accused Mr. Hughes of referring to him by the racially insensitive term “boy.” According to reports, Pirates outfield Andrew McCutchen mediated the telephone session that resulted in mutual forgiveness and respect between the two players.

According to Phillips:

We reached out, and me and Mr. Hughes had a great conversation before I came to the stadium today. It was the best thing that ever happened, just talking to him about what happened, talking to him about things that I heard and stuff. It was great to hear what he had to say and him to hear what I had to say. It made us both feel better about the situation. I respect him as a player and a man from the conversation we had. It was just a big misunderstanding. When you say certain things in the heat of the moment, you really don’t mean it. You forgive people. He forgave me. I forgive him. It’s the baseball family. I love him as a brother.

From racially divided enemies to brothers from different mothers in a matter of hours. If only all issues related to racism could be cured so easily.