Major League Baseball released its 2013 schedule today, and of all the schedules I’ve ever seen, it is most certainly one of them.

The biggest difference between this year’s fixtures and previous incarnations is that with 15 teams in both the American and National Leagues, interleague series will occur throughout the season. Each team will play 20 interleague games, as well as 76 games against their division rivals and 66 against the ten other teams that comprise the rest of league.

The season opener will take place on Sunday, March 30th, and be one of the dozen games currently scheduled for Monday, April 1st, including the following match ups: Red Sox/Yankees, Phillies/Braves and Giants/Dodgers. Some other highlights include the Houston Astors opening their inaugural season as an American League club at home against the Rangers on April 2nd; non-consecutive home and home two-game sets between the Dodgers and Yankees; a year ending series between the Angels and Rangers; and the MLB All-Star Game in New York on July 16th, 2013.

There are also a good share of consecutive home and home two-game series between actual regional rivals during Memorial Day week including the Mets and Yankees,  the Cubs and White Sox; the Angels and Dodgers; the Orioles and Nationals; and the Giants and A’s.

And in terms of personal highlights, I’m quite happy to report that the San Francisco Giants will be coming to town to play the Toronto Blue Jays on May 14th and 15th; and the Blue Jays will visit those very same Giants in San Francisco on June 4th and 5th. There are few things in my life that would stand in the way of me attending either of those series.