From the fantastic Next Media Animation (from Taiwan) via the wonderful CBS MLB blog Eye On Baseball, comes the greatest troll job in the history of mankind. There’s nothing more to say that the video doesn’t say for itself. I’d only be lessening its beautifully manicured impact.

Comments (7)

  1. The AL East has never been more swashbuckling.

  2. My life is so much better for having seen this.

  3. I’m a Yankees fan + I approve this message.

  4. Holy amazing shit, what did I just watch?

  5. Taiwanese animation is the greatest invention ever.

  6. Wow, this has raised my spirits enough that I may not actually turn into a suicidal mess at the dome after watching Alvarez “pitch” tonight.

  7. Funny, but a factual mess. Wonder if the Jays are on their radar? Nevermind…

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