Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett is a slow base runner who has had his work ethic questioned multiple times over the last year and a half. St. Louis Cardinals right fielder Carlos Beltran is both a clever and talented defensive player. The Dodgers, who had nothing but good luck earlier this season, are having nothing but bad luck at this late stage in the schedule. These three factors combined for a Josh Beckett ground out to right field that led off the third inning of a 1-1 game that the Cardinals went on to win 2-1.

Oh, how much Boston Red Sox fans must miss him*.

Los Angeles now falls to 7.5 games back of the San Francisco Giants for the National League West Division title, and two full games behind the second Wild Card holding Cardinals. The two teams continue their four game series tonight with rookie Joe Kelly taking the mound for St. Louis against his counterpart for the Dodgers, the veteran Chris Capuano.

Godspeed, Los Angeles. Godspeed.

*It should be noted that this GIF does Beckett no favors at all. We only see him pull up, but he was moving prior to the throw, probably as fast as Beckett is capable of moving, which is to say not very fast, but not without at least some measure of effort.

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  1. I remember Larry Walker did this at least twice as en Expo, one time to Tony Fernandez. Fernandez glared at him for his entire walk to the dugout.

    • I know he did some first base punch outs with the Rockies as well. Too young to remember if Barfield made it a habit…

  2. I remember when I was 13 my team’s (large for his age) First basemen getting thrown out at first from centerfield, and he was crying running down the basepath knowing it was going to happen. I’m sure Josh Beckett was much more indifferent then that kid.

  3. This reminds me of the year in Little League when they first move to the big field. A 9-3 is a common occurrence then. Good for you Beckett for wanting to give us that nostalgic feeling.

  4. in jays related news, adam lind hustled out a routine grounder yesterday, people! *hope for the future*

  5. I remember Orlando Merced doing this in his one season as a Blue Jay. I don’t remember who he threw out at first though, and he did nothing else of note in his career. But he made that one play.

  6. This happens all the goddamn time in Ken Griffey Jr Major League Baseball for the N64. Hitting a line drive into right field is like a guaranteed 9-3 out.

    • Unless you are Kenny Lofton or any other hitter of the same speed (10). Then it’s usually a bang bang play.

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