It’s that time of year when we can begin to lazily offer a GIF as a representation of a player or team’s season. Take, for instance, the body language of Ricky Romero here to describe the left hander’s disastrous 2012 campaign, or the self-serving approach of this Marlins fan as a portrayal of Jeffrey Loria.

Please allow Starlin Castro to exhibit his slide from a .307/.341/.432 2011 triple slash line to today’s .283/.321/.431 totals and title of the National League leader in errors committed in GIF form. This is Stumblin’ Castro.

And some real baseball news

Dodgers fear Clayton Kershaw may require season-ending hip surgery. []

Dodgers ink Ned Colletti and Don Mattingly to new deals. [Jon Heyman]

Ozzie Guillen admits the Marlins are terrible, but says it’s a lie to suggest they’ve given up on him. [Palm Beach Post]

A Tigers fan took a “FIRE LEYLAND” sign to U.S. Cellular Field, Miguel Cabrera took it away. [Big League Stew]

The Oakland A’s demonstrate how to hit the cutoff man and nail Adam Jones at home plate:

Wendy Thurm makes the case for why the Nationals should really consider using Stephen Strasburg as a pinch hitter. [Baseball Nation]

Why the media hopes Ryan Braun and the 2012 Brewers go away. [Hardball Times]