The Toronto Blue Jays have announced ahead of a press conference on the matter that Yunel Escobar will be suspended for three games for the derogatory language he used on his eye black during Saturday afternoon’s game. His salary for those three games will be donated to You Can Play and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

In addition, Escobar will undergo a sensitivity training program in accordance with the club and Major League Baseball, and participate in an “outreach initiative” to help inform and educate the public about “sensitivity and tolerance.” When the team returns to Toronto, he will meet with Patrick Burke of You Can Play.

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  1. One thing becomes obvious during the press conference: there will be no hiding behind the idea of mis-translation. American media is very capable of flowing between Spanish and English. CNN and ESPN have Spanish speaking reporters asking questions in Spanish. Yunel has to respond directly and not hide behind interpreters.

    • The media are going to have a field day with this.. The Jays really didn’t seem prepared to say the right things. Yunel barely acknowledged he was wrong – insisting that the message was meant for no one, is just a word with no meaning, and wasn’t meant in a derogatory sense. Even worse – Alex and Farrell punting softball questions about homophobia in baseball and how exactly the team might work against this kind of thing in the future..

  2. So you can walk onto the field of play with hurtful slurs on your face and get a slap on the wrist. But if you take an over the counter supplement with an ingredient that has no business on the banned list you’re Satan himself. There is a serious problem here imo.

  3. 50 games for PED use, 3 games for homophobia, 0 games for drinking and driving?

    Or am I forgetting a suspension for DUI?

    • Enough with the drinking and driving comments. We get it, all people that drink and drive should be burned at the steak. However what you are missing is that this has no relevance here, this issue is specific to derogatory comments that target a specific group of people and there is no relation between this and drinking and driving, nor should there be.

      • I disagree. I think it is relevant when considering the number of games he’s suspended for. It’s also relevant in the context of athletes doing foolish things on a public stage.

  4. Do you guys actually expect justice in baseball to be less arbitrary than justice outside of baseball?

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