Getting Blanked, your home for trenchant analysis and debates on all the issues of the day. Ugh. We talk about the Yunel Escobar thing and then things that are more fun, like Cliff Lee and Dave Cameron’s plan for the Wild Card play-in game.

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  1. I’ve heard the phrase ‘ridiculous moral grandstanding’ used a few times this year. Probably with merit. But I think Mr Parkes needs to look to his own moral grandstanding right now.

    It looks great and ‘edgy’ to take a hardline on Escobar (and sure – there is NO excuse for what he said, and he deserves punishment), but should you take quite such a hard line, when you yourself have used words like:

    “Jesus Christ! Did you check our shit out when that whole Halladay trade went down? The ol’ blog has still got it. Jumping sharks is for fags.”

    Yep – that’s Dustin Parkes on the DJF site on 28 January 2010.

    Again – I am NOT, in the slightest, trying to let Escobar off. What I’m saying is that ‘ridiculous moral grandstanding’ is a very contagious disease, and it would do no harm for Dustin Parkes to show a little more humility in future when criticising others for faults he too displays.

    • And to clarify here, I am referring specifically to Dustin Parkes words on today’s Getting Blanket show, where he says he never wants to see Escobar in a Jays uniform again.

    • Maybe it’s just me, but I place much higher expectations for appropriate behavior on a professional athlete getting paid millions of dollars per year than a smart-ass blogger writing for free. I’m neither defending nor attacking some of the terms Parkes and Stoeten used to use on DJF, but the false equivalence of people like you who keep dredging up those remarks is staggering.

      • It is hardly ‘dredging up’ those remarks, when Dustin has made such a firm stance and statement on not willing to give Yunel Escobar another chance to grow as not only a player but as a human being.

        In that sense, it is completely fair to at the very least question and understand what the difference is, if people would also be offended by similar comments made by the same people that make that same judgment.

        If Dustin was to have reacted in a similar fashion with Drew or Stoeten, I’m not sure, the reaction would have illicit a response. I, personally, wouldn’t have raised the comment below.

        But the fact that he chose to take such hard line (proposing to basically banish him from team, city, etc.) because of basically a dumb mistake by an equally dumb baseball player, is really the point of contention.

        • I regret using that language, and I’ve grown since then. I also wasn’t calling anyone that term, and the voice from which it came was one of a misplaced attempt at comedy, much different than a baseball player or even someone writing about baseball for a living.

          • I agree wholehearted.

            I think we can absolutely respect the fact that you have grown from such language.

            People obviously have the potential for significant change as they learn from their mistakes.

            I’m just not sure if we should denying Yunel Escobar that opportunity.

          • Fair enough. It may well be that Escobar was also indulging in a misplaced attempt at humour, which he claims was not directed at anyone. In essence it is therefore the same thing. I hope Escobar learns and grows as a result – it certainly seems he needs to. All I think spclxk are saying is that, if one had used that language, in a public forum, it would be advisable to be extremely careful before passing harsh judgements on others.

            It’s the difference between your judgement and Drew and Stoeten’s, which were not letting Escobar get away with anything, but recognised that we’ve all been idiots at some point in our lives.

          • Who was Yunel calling a maricon?

        • I’m not sure how past sins lessen my argument, and if I had written that word in the same sense as Escobar on a stage as big as Escobar’s I would now think that a firing would be appropriate.

          • And yet, despite your use of profanity and homophobic slurs, someone gave you a second chance and gave you a job editing/writing on a professional blog. Why cannot it be the Blue Jays who give Escobar a second chance?

          • Now you sound like Newt Gingrich. You are a flaming hypocrite.

  2. Usually, I wouldn’t be so inclined to bring up the mistakes of youth, but since Yunel Escobar can probably attribute this recent mistake to such, and considering how Dustin was so adamant that Escobar not be given a second chance, it seems appropriate as any to point it out here after watching this podcast.

    As many commenters have already mentioned, DJF (Dustin included) has, through its own evolution, been a place where homophobic slurs have been used as part of their own brand. The very idea that Dustin feels so strongly about this issue, I wonder how much latitude he expects if people were equally offended from what he (and others) had written in a public forum like DJF.

    • Hypocrites man, that’s all it is. And don’t tell me a ball player writing it on his eye black is any different than some nobody writing “racial slurs” on a blog. DP you really need to give your head a shake, cuz I guarantee that if you were a pro athlete or anyone of public importance, someone would catch you doing something negative at some point and (through the help of social media) post it for the world to see. That goes for any of us. But it’s much easier to point the finger than look in the mirror before you judge someone.

      You never wanna see Escobar in a Jays uniform again? Who cares…your opinion is meaningless anyway. I’m sick of these white Blue Jays (most of the Jays’ fanbase) fans always using non-white players as scapegoats and targets. Remember when Alex Rios was run out of town cuz he was having a sh*tty night and someone happened to catch it and post it on YouTube? I definitely wouldn’t say he was living up to expectations at that point in his career, but there were plenty of other players on the team that deserved to be traded or attacked for sh*tty play. Same thing last year with Encarnacion, the poor guy was the most hated guy on the team…but most of the fans seemed to ignore players like Lind and Hill who were worse.

      Getting real sick of Jays fans and their “holier than thou” attitude!

  3. My girlfriend watches getting blanked….#Demographics

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