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In the Spring of 2010, it was reported that Ken Griffey Jr. missed an opportunity to pinch hit for the Seattle Mariners because the veteran slugger had dozed off in the clubhouse during the game. It was a highly embarrassing moment for the player who was beloved by an entire generation of fans.

Today, we learn that maybe Mr. Grifffey Jr. was on to something. According to Chicago White Sox director of conditioning Allen Thomas, a small nap can have a big impact in terms of energy.

There’s a whole lot of power in a 15-minute nap. When you plug your battery back in for a few minutes, you still get some charge. Guys are doing a lot more contrast: we’re doing the hot tub, cold tub and just cutting down their volume of work. You try to get better efficiency out of a fewer number of reps and use the energy for the main event.

For years, the White Sox have been renowned for their ability to keep players healthy, and certainly there’s some safety in assuming that the type of conditioning that Mr. Thomas proselytizes contributes to this. Napping is just one example of his creative thinking, and Chicago’s forward-thinking acceptance of uncommon practices.

There’s something inherently appealing to me about finding success with novel methods, so a great big “good on ya” to Mr. Thomas and the White Sox. Also, I like to nap.

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  1. In other news, sky blue, water wet. Seriously, though, I like seeing even more data points showing the power of napping.

  2. If napping is a key to staying healthy, Griffey Jr should have done it early in his career

  3. Everyday when get home from work I listen to the getting blanked podcast and play Grifffey for SNES.

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