This is a picture (courtesy of Houston Astros radio man Dave Raymond) of the Space Shuttle Endeavour being escorted over Minute Maid Park, presumably commissioned by Major League Baseball to find the home run ball that Hunter Pence hit and has yet to land, despite originally being sent into space at the end of August.

It was last seen heading in this direction:

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  1. This is stupid. We see where the ball lands.

  2. Yes, that must be it. I’m allergic to fun. Or, it’s just a stupid post.

  3. graphics for the sake of page views. but nonetheless, parkes is correct: huge ass motherfucking awesome homerun.

    • For the sake of page views? Really? At best, this, posted at the end of the day, brings something like 1,000 clicks, probably not even that high. It makes or breaks nothing. I thought it was a cool picture, and tried to make a light joke about a big home run to associate with it.

      If this offends, or if there’s an assumption of a cynical purpose to it, I feel very sorry for you.

  4. Next article: “BRANDON CRAWFORD STOLE FIRST BASE” and a picture of Usain Bolt.

  5. For anybody who began reading this article while thinking that television cameras at the ball park ACTUALLY lost sight of the ball as it neared the height at which airplanes normally fly — it might be time to become aware of the basic elements of both physics and hyperbole.

    However, if you like being surprised by things that aren’t surprising to the vast majority of people, then stay the course — you’re doing just fine in that regard.

  6. You guys are all fucking morons. It’s like this is the first blog you’ve visited. Clowns.

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