An elephant never forgets. Neither does a pissed off ex-baseball manager, either, apparently.

Welcome back to another Getting Quoted. This week we have a bunch of reactions to teams in the playoffs, some nonsense about a hat, and Tony LaRussa being terrifying. Because, obviously.

What’s the big deal?

This is Nationals manager Davey Johnson‘s reaction to his team clinching a playoff spot, and, I mean it’s not a huge deal, just the universe as we know it imploding on itself. The Nationals are in the playoffs, people. This is a reality we now have to live with. (Yes, I am ignoring the fact that they did an excellent job building a team over a few years for the sake of the joke. It’s what I do.)

We’ve played very successful baseball this year, and we’ve competed with the best teams at a very high level.

Okay, here’s the deal. I love Joey Votto. I think as a Canadian it’s a citizenship requirement. But this has to be the least specific quote of anything ever (hyperbole!). It’s his reaction to the Reds clinching a playoff spot but you’d never know it. Out of context, this quote could be the answer to anything. This is like when Baxter ate the wheel of cheese. I’m not even mad, I’m just impressed.

So, considering all the bad feelings and in-fighting that Kent experienced throughout his big league career, he should be the perfect contestant for “Survivor,” right?

I don’t even know what to do with this. Apparently Jeff Kent is on Survivor this season? I know, I didn’t know Survivor was still a thing either. Also, apparently Jeff Kent is not only on Survivor this season, but Jeff Kent tore a bunch of ligaments in his knee while filming the show. While he was on a raft. This is officially the strangest thing I’ve written about in this space. And I’ve quoted Nyjer Morgan.

That’s why I’m wearing this hat. We’re having fun with this. It’s our way of supporting him for supporting us. We’re all 49er fans here. This is in honor of Alex. I’m glad he didn’t have to pay the fine. That’s good news.

Okay, so, apparently 49ers QB Alex Smith was fined for wearing a Giants hat after one of his games because the NFL is stupid and fun is a foreign concept. So Bruce Bochy decided to wear a 49ers hat after one of the Giants games in solidarity. Which then became a news story. With nothing to back this up, I think I can safely claim that this is Bruce Bochy’s Occupy Movement. Occupy Hats. It’s a thing.

Turner also will broadcast an LCS each year, two division series and 13 regular-season Sunday telecasts. However, it will gain more telecasts that will be broadcast simultaneously with the local club TV feed within a market and increased digital rights.

Somewhere, Ted Turner is laughing maniacally as he sits in his room dedicated to his piles of money. So many piles of money.

You can’t change records because once you get into that it would never stop. It would create more problems than it would solve.

So, Melky Cabrera is still leading the National League in batting average while serving his 50 game suspension which means he might win the title despite being suspended. This, understandably, has caused a bit of a kerfuffle in the MLB offices about what to do. This is Selig’s take. This is kind of a crazy situation and, while I get where Selig’s coming from, should a guy who’s currently serving a suspension for a banned substance be allowed to win the (pointless) title? It’s kind of a nutty situation. I’m actually surprised that this hasn’t come up before. Crazy times, people.

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t last long. Way to stick to your guns there, Selig.

To have the right to participate in a qualifier for the World Baseball Classic already represented a great advance for Brazil. And with the announcement of our new manager, Brazil certainly will be extra motivated.

Barry Larkin is managing Brazil in the World Baseball Classic. Barry Larkin is not Brazillian. I don’t get it.

When you play a team 18 times during the regular season, there’s bound to be some sparks, especially when both clubs have similarly aggressive styles. That’s good competitive action, but what Morgan said in that same tweet – that we’d be watching the postseason on television – didn’t fit into that category, and neither did his actions in that game. What he did was: Unwise. Uncalled for. Not forgotten.

Holy shit, Tony LaRussa can hold a grudge. This is from his new autobiography. Apparently there’s a paragraph about Nyjer Morgan. The end of this quote is kind of: Amazing. Bold. Pants-shittingly terrifying.