It would be difficult to imagine Derek Jeter in any uniform other than that of the New York Yankees, but complicated negotiations during the 2010 off-season led many to accept the idea that the shortstop might not be a member of the Yankees forever. Of course, worries at the time might have been a bit exaggerated, as Jeter eventually agreed to a three-year deal worth $51 million, including a $3 million buyout if he opts out of an $8 million salary for the 2014 season.

Given his success this season, it seems entirely possible that Jeter could opt out of his contract at the end of 2013 and truly test free agent waters for the first time in his career. According to ESPN, Jeter was asked about such possibilities last night.

Peyton Manning changed teams this season after 14 seasons with one team. Could you see yourself doing that?

To which Jeter replied

Well, if I wanted to keep playing, yes. It’s a business. People forget that.

It’s hard to imagine Jeter, owner of 3,290 hits, in another uniform, but just for fun, lets look back at these photos from Newsday, courtesy of The Beckett Blog and see what the Yankees icon might look like in another uniform.

And last but not least, Jeter in a Blue Jays uniform.

Credit for Jays photo to the talented Chris Lund and Jonathan Bliangas

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  1. He won’t leave the Yankees. Current and post-retirement advertising revenue as a Yankee icon greatly outweigh any additional money a team would pay over the Bombers.

    He doesnt look half bad in that bosox jersey though. hahahaga

  2. Pls to do one with him in a Pirates uniform. Preferably including one of those weird pillbox hats they used to wear. And a parrot.

    Or Astros.

  3. Best case scenario is Jeter as a Met or Red Sox. That would seriously fuck up those asshole Yankees fans!

  4. I think it’s funny they show him in all the other AL East uniforms… but not the Blue Jays.

  5. Jeter in Jays uniform has been updated. Check it out!

  6. Can’t wait for the Morosi article linking Jeter to the Jays!

  7. He’d look good in a Tigers uni

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