Taylor Teagarden is living a charmed life in 2012. Much has been made of his clutch exploits, notching five of his eight total hits on the season in high leverage moments. He did it again tonight, coming up with a big single to start a rally. Well, an aborted rally.

The Orioles did manage to load the bases and even pushed across a single run in the sixth inning of the nightcap of the O’s double header against the Blue Jays. With one run in and just one out, Chris Davis faced Jays reliever Brad Lincoln with the bases loaded. Davis sent a fly to shallow left field. Taylor Teagarden, noted catcher, went back to third base to tag as Jays outfielder Anthony Gose settled under the ball.

Anthony Gose is a rookie so, perhaps, the O’s coaches don’t have the full story on his defense. It is just that…defense is sort of Gose’s thing. He is badly miscast as a left fielder because his defense is thought of so highly both range and throwing arm. As a pitcher in high school, Gose was repeatedly clocked in the 90s. He can throw.

The Orioles might have taken the You Only Live Once mantra to heart but, after watching Gose completely hose Teagarden at the plate, one can assume the O’s fans died a thousand deaths last night.