The Getting Blanked Show returns for your viewing pleasure in a tidal wave of beige fall fashion. Three librarians get together to discuss the sadsack AL Central, the birth of Bundy, the NL playoff picture among other things. Then we gleefully discuss the fall of Scoiscailism in California. Let freedom ring! Oh oh! A crucial #prophate update: Parkes the worst.

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  1. parkes needs a haircut lol

  2. One of you guys gotta explain to me on why you are dismissing Miguel Cabrera as an MVP Candidate? You mentioned in an earlier show that Triple Crown is not a good measure stick (which I agree with) and that Mike Trout has a higher WAR so he should win. If you look at some of the other numbers however you can see that Cabrera is doing much better then Trout, having an Higher OPS, OBP, Batting Average, Slugging Percentage and wOBA. Cabrera is also a better power hitter having more home runs, and doubles (and having a higher ISO). Mike Trout also seems to have luck on his side having a BABIP that is considerably higher then Cabrera’s (Mike Trout is top 5 on Fangraphs for BABIP). While both have a similar Walk Rate, Cabrera strikes out 5% less then Trout. Finally yes Cabrera is winning the triple Crown which may not be the best way to tell a players talent level its definitely not a negative (which is how you kinda portrayed it in your show from last week). Cabrera definitely deserves to be in the conversation for MVP

    • That their numbers are in the same ballpark offensively while Cabrera plays crappy third base defense as Mike Trout plays superlative defense in center field and is one of the best base runners in the game is where the gulf widens.

      The whole package matters. Miggy is an amazing slugger doing his thing. Mike Trout is doing all that and more.

    • Nobody thinks he shouldn’t be “in the conversation.” It isn’t anti-Cabrera, it is pro-Trout.

  3. Another thing about the Angels teams before the mini playoff drought is they had no competition in there division. I remember at least one season where they were the only team above 500

  4. Are you fucking kidding me that Tommy Tubby Hunter throws 100 MPH!?!?! That to ME was the most eye-opening comment of this whole episode. #Orilolesmagic

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