In case you haven’t been following the soap operaesque drama coming out of Miami, here’s a quick recap:

Heath Bell on a radio station: “Ozzie Guillen is a jerk.”

One day passes …

Ozzie Guillen on a radio station: “No, Heath Bell is a jerk.”

Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse …

Greg Dobbs (to reporters): “Please exit.”

It was assumed that Dobbs asking reporters to leave the players alone (while they listened to Guillen’s response to Bell’s statement that it was hard to respect his manager) was as good a sign as any that Guillen had “lost the clubhouse.” However, intrepid Marlins beat reporter Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald informs us of a rather unexpected twist to the continuing saga.

Heath Bell wasn’t punished by the Marlins for saying it was “hard to respect” manager Ozzie Guillen. Not formally. But Bell was made to pay in a way that was potentially more painful.

He was made to listen to Guillen talk about it.

As Bell sat in front of his locker before Tuesday’s game in Atlanta, unidentified teammates cranked the volume on Guillen’s weekly radio call-in show on 790 The Ticket to force him to listen to their manager answer questions about the controversy.

During the call-in show, Guillen claimed to respect Bell as a player, but was unsure if that positive regard extended to him as a man. He also suggested that the reliever had thrown multiple people under the bus this season in an attempt to explain his own shortcomings.

When Bell was asked by reporters about the scene in the clubhouse, and whether he still believed he had the respect of his teammates, he replied:

Yeah. I’ve pretty much lost all that. I’m pretty much done talking,” Bell said. “After today, after the next two minutes, you guys are done. You won’t hear from me until 2014 plain and simple. You guys are going to write what you want to write because apparently all year long you have.

Unfortunately, there was no follow up question asking Bell whether not hearing from him would be the result of him keeping his mouth shut, or him playing somewhere else next season and beyond, which seems the most likely outcome given the happenings of the past week.