As I wrote about yesterday, the San Francisco Giants face an interesting decision once Melky Cabrera’s suspension comes to its conclusion. Will the team add him to their playoff roster, assuming they’re still in the playoffs; or will a 50 game layoff combined with the distraction he’s bound to cause be considered too much of a hindrnace?

By all reports, the Giants are leaning toward excluding Cabrera from their playoff run, and they’re expected to announce as much either today or tomorrow. This is a tricky bit of business, because the team can’t be seen to be further punishing the player beyond his 50 game suspension. According to Section 7 of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Policy:

No Club may take any disciplinary or adverse action against a Player (including, but not limited to, a fine, suspension, or any adverse action pursuant to a Uniform Player’s Contract) because of a Player’s violation of the Program.

So, essentially, if San Francisco was challenged on their decision by Cabrera and his representatives they would have to prove their belief that the outfielder wouldn’t produce as much value for the team as other players that they selected for the roster. Considering Cabrera’s success this season, that could be a challenge.

Certainly, missing almost a third of the season will cause some delays in maximized ability, but not so much that it can’t be fixed by training, which he would be allowed to do at the team’s Minor League facilities ten days before the end of his suspension, and being eased into the lineup. Is Xavier Nady or Aubrey Huff really an upgrade over a rusty Cabrera?

It’s also interesting that the Giants would decide the fate of Cabrera at this time, likely more than two weeks before he’d even be eligible to play. While I understand the benefits of answering a question that has the possibility to loom over the team and cause a distraction from duties, what would happen if Angel Pagan or Hunter Pence or Gregor Blanco were to be injured in the final games of the season? What would happen if Nady or Huff were to go down? What if one of the team’s outfielders becomes injured in the Division Series?

Wouldn’t it be better to have Cabrera go through all of the steps necessary to be ready, and then decide whether or not he’d be useful to the playoff run?

There could be a fall out from San Francisco’s decision here, and it could affect the team in several different ways, including their actual playoff performance, a possible grievance being filed, and the relationship between the club and Cabrera moving forward, as it might pertain to a qualifying offer being made, and compensation being received for him signing elsewhere or even his return to the Giants next season.

This is no easy decision, and let’s hope that the team has not taken it lightly.

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