Despite the usual pleasant noises and votes of confidence, the Cleveland Indians dismissed manager Manny Acta this afternoon. Bench coach Sandy Alomar serves as the boss for the remaining six games of the year.

Acta follows his pitching coach Scott Radinsky as scapegoats for another disappointment by Lake Erie, with the Tribe racing out to hot start before going straight into the tank in the second half. As is inevitably the case, one can only wonder what a guy like Acta was expected to do with the assembled talent on the Cleveland roster. Josh Tomlin is nobody’s starter, friends. The ghost of Ubaldo ain’t winning many games either.

Manny Acta is known in the baseball world as a smart, forward-thinking man with refreshing opinions on statistics and their implementation. No wonder he was canned, the poor bastard didn’t stand a chance. He loses his job after helming the Tribe to a 80-82 record in 2011 with the team sporting a 65-91 record in 2012.