Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden has recently grown upset with authorities in his hometown after his grandmother was robbed and he was attacked in his car without what he deems to be sufficient police response. The southpaw raised these concerns at a community meeting in Stockton on Wednesday.

Sporting a backwards baseball cap and a bat in hand, Braden’s pointed shouting match with the police chief nearly had him tossed out of the meeting.

A local CBS affiliate caught up with the enraged pitcher who revealed his plan to the leave town that he grew up in:


I’m out of here, because I’ve been lied to my entire life here, and I hate to see these people get lied to like this. I’ve already put my home on the market. I’m out. I’ve fought for this community. I’ve given back to this community, this community raised me to be where I am today, and to be lied to blatantly by the guy whose supposed to be running the shots around here, I can’t do anything. I have nobody to go to.