Travis Snider has not contributed much to the Pittsburgh Pirates since they acquired him on July 31st. Today, he made what might end up as the best catch of the season.

Let’s take a look inside Kevin Corriea’s brain here.

“Shit. No doubter… SHI DAVIDI!!! Make it a four part series!”

One more look in old fashioned video format:

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  1. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

  2. “Shit. No doubter… SHI DAVIDI!!! Make it a four part series!”


  3. this is like watching your ex gf blow another guy and swallow

    after 3 years of being with her and only getting really dry handjobs and teasing pics

  4. Snider has the value of a defensive replacement now since he isn’t hitting….big deal!

  5. What’s weird is that Josh Reddick did almost the say play…to Travis Snider.

    Gif for proof:

  6. Do you have your clothes on when you work?

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  8. Initially, I thought Rajai’s catch was better since it was a 10′ wall. This wall is 8′. But Snider caught that ball a good 12′ off the ground, and I saw another angle somewhere that showed he needed every inch of his glove to catch it.

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